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Houses, apartments, workplaces or commercial property mold symptoms and black mold symptoms

In our houses or commercial properties there is a danger that many times is overlooked. When ignored, the consequences not only affect your pocket, but can also cause a slew of health issue’s for your family. The danger is MOLD! Business or House Mold Symptoms

Common symptoms of exposure to mold:

• Sinus issues
• Sneezing
• Headache
• Eye Irritation
• Throat Irritation
• Restlessness
• Trouble Breathing
• Rashes
• Fatigue
• Flu-like Symptoms
• Nose Bleeds

It is important to advise with a medical professional if you have been exposed to mold.

Common Health Symptoms of Mold: What is the approach if I have house mold symptoms?

When suffering any of the symptoms related to mold exposure, like the ones listed above, it may not be as simple as cleaning it yourself. Mold is not just an inconvenience; mold can also cause serious health issues to certain individuals. It is important to have the home or business checked for potential mold issues to understand if there is an issue present. Our mold experts are Certified Mold Investigators and Certified Indoor Environmentalists.

In regards to purchasing a new home or commercial property, an environmental mold test should be very high on your to do list. Before purchasing a property that have a serious mold or black mold problem, that may cost thousands of dollars to repair and cause mold symptoms, have a mold test conducted.

How to get rid of must basement smells? Where is the musty smell in the basement and bathroom coming from?

The musty smell observed in basements and damp areas like bathrooms, are most commonly attributed to mold growth. Molds give off an odor called a Microbial Volatile Organic Compound. They also release secondary metabolites called Mycotoxins, which essentially is the molds defense mechanism to fight off other molds. Symptoms exposure to mold and microbial odors are consistent with water eyes, sinus issues, rashes, headaches, etc. Individuals with immune comprised disorders and asthma can be particularly agitated by mold.

Considerations for homeowners, property owners and business owners regarding toxic mold and black mold

It is highly important to keep track of the status of the property throughout the year. Having a certified mold inspector or certified environmental consultant check the property for water intrusion and mold on a regular basis. This help protects the integrality of the property as well as the health of the inhabitants.

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